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What we can do

Are your ears feeling blocked up? Are you struggling to hear conversations? Can you hear ringing in your ears? If the answer is yes than the problem is most likely down to a simple build up of ear wax which is very easily treatable.

Our Services

We offer two different types of ear wax removal: Irrigation and Microsuction.

Both are services to remove ear wax professionally from the ears, and require an expert qualification in clinical ear care to carry out the procedure. This is not a qualification that every hearing specialist has, and only qualified staff can hold these clinics.

Products like Earol can be used to soften ear wax at home, but it is recommended that the actual removal of earwax is done professionally at a clinic to prevent any risk of injury to the ears.

Ear Irrigation

Ear Irrigation uses a controlled pressuised flow of water to gently break up and remove ear wax. Ear irrigation is a painless procedure, but your ear may feel strange as the water is squirted around your ear canal.

Why Ear Irrigation?

✓ Safer Than Syringing

✓ Quick Procedure (usually no longer than 30 mins)

✓ Highly Effective Ear Wax Removal

✓ Comfortable

Earwax Microsuction

Microsuction is a ear wax removal technique using a binocular operating microscope & a medical low pressure suction device to suck out the wax.

Why Microsuction?

✓ Safest & Most Effective Eax Wax Removal Treatment Avaliable

✓ Very Quick

✓ No Ear Drops Needed

✓ Comfortable

✓ Safe For People With Perforated Eardrums

5 Star Rated Service

Independantly rated 5 stars by our customers.

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All our staff have been trained to the highest of standards and have years of experience.

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With multiple locations in the UK you can book at a clinic local to you.

Award Winning

Fresh Hearing are proud to have been awarded the ‘Patient Service Award 2018’ by Whatclinic


Safe, Effective & Comfortable Treatments

We only use the most up-to-date treatments that are safe, effective and comfortable.

Together we will attain the highest standards & values in our daily activities

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“Had ear wax blockage for several days. Saw my gp who told me i need to put drops in for 3 weeks min before they would do anything. Went to these 4 days after being told that because i couldnt cope with the pain, deafness or numbness of my face and ears. Spoke to these who had it sorted the same day i enquired. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you.”

Mrs Daly

“With both ears blocked with wax and drops unable to clear the obstruction I attended the clinic to have my ears cleared. I attended the Bolton branch of this clinic and was seen and treated promptly. Excellent service, with great professionalism and the desired result”

Mr Lord

Together we will attain the highest standards & values in our daily activities

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